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Fouquieria columnaris


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Common names
Boojum Tree, Cirio
USDA 9-11. Hardy to 20° F.
Full sun.
Grows up to 50′. Deciduous stem succulent tree.
Water moderately when in leaf. Little to no water when dormant.
Bell-shaped cream to yellow tubular flowers in late summer, on trees that are taller than 6′.
Central Baja California (Mexico) and isolated areas in mainland Mexico.

The Boojum Tree, fouquieria columnaris, is one of the most unusual plants found in the Baja California Sonoran desert. They are botanically known as ‘stem succulents’. In Mexico, they are known as the Cirio for their candle-like shape.

The Boojum Tree is a very special plant. In their natural desert habitat, they will often form unique shapes with many twists, bends, and curves. It is also a rare plant, with natural habitats ranging in only a couple places in Mexico. One of these locations ranges from El Rosario to San Ignacio, which is approximately a 250 mile stretch on the Baja Peninsula. The other stretch of Boojums is located in Puerto Libertad, Sonora Mexico. A common trait of these environments is low rainfall. 

Their appearance is striking. The trunk of the Boojum is rough and bumpy. The branches, which span the surface of the plant all the way to the top, are usually not more than 3 feet long, and have smaller branches and thorns. The spines are approximately 1 inch long. 

The flowers, which are found at the top of the tree, usually bloom in the latter part of the monsoon season, August-September. The seed is ripe during approximately the middle of November.

Boojums live to be around 100 years old or slightly more. They are known to be hardy to at least the upper teens Fahrenheit.

The tallest Boojum Tree, found in Mexico, is 76.5 feet tall! This beauty at our nursery is approximately 13 feet tall. Come check it out!

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